Ruschmeyer  /   January 7, 2021


Our company hired Phil for help in renewing our lease for approximately 35,000 square feet and then moving us a decade later to a new 70,000 square foot facility. While we were extremely pleased with the transaction that we had negotiated with Phil, about a week prior to us signing the new lease, Phil identified a lower cost option. Phil put our interests first and immediately suspended our negotiations to fully analyze whether the building would be a superior solution.

The last transaction Phil helped our company with was selling an office condo which closed shortly before Covid hit Colorado, setting a record high price per square foot , close to $1,000 per square foot. Sensing that the impending situation could cause havoc on the real estate market, Phil pushed hard to keep the buyer and his mortgage company moving forward to a successful closing a few days before the first casualty hit the United States.

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