Kathryn E. Garvie, RPL


I come from a background of 10+ years oil & gas land experience, and have represented clients such as ConocoPhillips, Williams, and Extraction Oil & Gas, for land acquisition deals in northern and eastern Colorado. I have experience with acquiring land for developers, negotiating Surface Use Agreements, Right-of-Way Easements, Release of Surface Use Agreements, Oil & Gas Leases, Joint Operating Agreements, damage settlements, and working with local municipalities to acquire land use permits.

Through my experiences, I have developed a passion for fostering relationships with my landowners and my clients, and taking a project from cradle to grave.

I am an advocate for protecting the environment, wildlife, and natural resources, through responsible development.

Southern Methodist University alumni, NCAA athlete, and Peruna handler.

In my spare time, I like to ride horses, ski faster than you can drive, golf like nobody is watching, and lift heavier than the boys at the gym.